Football prediction Pokrovsky about Kuzmenko`s power techniques: I think Andrey was reprimanded - the guy is powerful, pumped up. There is nothing to do there without a forceful struggle

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Valery Pokrovsky spoke out that Andrei Kuzmenko does few power moves in the NHL.

- Of course not. Even Pavel Datsyuk used forceful techniques and sometimes even fought (laughs). I think that Andrey was given some kind of remark in this regard at the club.

There is nothing to do there without a forceful struggle. They will constantly poke at you and provoke you. I can tell you a story about this with the famous St. Petersburg hockey player Alexei Egorov.

- Egorov moved from SKA to San Jose, scored a hat-trick in the first match, but then he was quickly sent to the farm club - he did not fight with strength.

The same thing happened in pharma. The coach warned Alexey that he would take him out of the lineup if he didn`t start hitting. Literally in the next match analyzed by gabon fixtures and standings there is a fight in an all-for-all format.

- Yes, and Alexey, so as not to be accused of passivity, chose an opponent who stood calmly on the ice and did not touch anyone.

He pulled off his T-shirt and saw a man without a bib. This turned out to be one of the toughest tough guys in this league. That`s why no one caught him. The St. Petersburger missed with his first blow, and then. . . He only woke up in the locker room.

"I had bruises all over my face, " Alexey later said. "But everyone on the team began to respect me. "Called a fighter! As for Kuzmenko, he is, in principle, a powerful, pumped up guy.

And I didn`t notice that in SKA he avoided power struggles. He could use technique to beat the enemy and push through. I don`t know why this happened in the NHL. But since he started hitting now, it means everything is fine, " said the former SKA defender.
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