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  • Football picks Cristiano showed that he only spoke on the field - read more

  • Football prediction Guardiola: I hope they finally explain to us when there is a penalty for playing with the hand and when - no - read more

  • Football tipster Coric and Fucovic formed the other semifinal in Rotterdam - read more

  • Football predictions Pep Guardiola: The strongest team in Europe is Bayern, and in England - Liverpool - read more

  • Football tipster Iniesta: Pedri doesn`t look 18, he has a great future ahead of him in Barcelona - read more

  • Football tipster Pioli: We are happy to be the surprise of the championship - read more

  • Football prediction Mbappe to Alba: I will kill you on the street - read more

  • Football picks Koeman: The match with PSG comes at the right time - read more

  • Football tipster Rudy Garcia accused Koeman of hypocrisy - read more

  • Football prediction Everton made a dramatic point in an Old Trafford goal show - read more

  • Football tipster Solskjaer considers Southampton`s second red card to be excessive - read more

  • Football picks Klopp: We will try to get a new defender, but I don`t know if we will succeed - read more

  • Football prediction Leeds continued Newcastle`s agony - read more

  • Football predictions Valencia stayed close to the relegation - read more

  • Football prediction The President of Marseille to the players: You played like rubbish - read more

  • Football tip Solskjaer: VAR breathed life into us - read more

  • Football prediction Benzema is now more valuable to Zidane than Cristiano - read more

  • Football tip Durant is having fun with the Celtics - read more

  • Football tip After 552 days: Kevin Durant is back in the game - read more

  • Football predictions Federer has revealed one of his big goals in 2021 - read more

  • Football predictions The first goals brought the first victory for Marseille - read more

  • Football tipsters Conte: Nothing is easy at Inter - read more

  • Football prediction Lillard passed Abdul-Jabar and joined Wilt, Jordan, and Kobe - read more

  • Football picks Spartak (M) is interested in getting a Portuguese from Leicester - read more

  • Football prediction The London derby will determine the last participant in the Premier League - read more

  • Football picks Werner has revealed the reason for his transfer to Chelsea - read more

  • Football prediction Lecce sent Brescia to Serie B - read more

  • Football tip Milwaukee coach: Giannis deserves an MVP! - read more

  • Football tip Real Madrid will not make big transfers, Perez is adamant - read more

  • Football tipsters Pogba: Manchester United is already a real team! - read more

  • Football prediction Pjanić: We need to play better! - read more

  • Football predictions Valverde: The purpose of VAR is to help, but the judge makes the decisions - read more

  • Football predictions The president of Barcelona has officially filed a complaint with the judge - read more

  • Football tipster Pep lists five teams that City cannot compete with at the moment, including United among them - read more

  • Football prediction Carolyn Wozniacki is ending her career after the Australian Open - read more

  • Football tipsters Betis pulled out his weapons and seized Palma - read more

  • Football prediction Solskjaer: We can rent one or two in January - read more

  • Football predictions Historic Italy ended with a record and a head show - read more

  • Football prediction Robertson and Salah with problems after the derby - read more

  • Football predictions Michael O `Neal takes on Stoke but will continue to lead Northern Ireland until the end of qualifying - read more

  • Football prediction A late goal brought Schalke 04 back into the big game - read more

  • Football tips Mueller saves Bayern`s big blade for the German Cup - read more

  • Football prediction Africa The remorse has progressively depreciated Neymar - read more

  • Africa Football prediction Real Madrid on its knees in Palma, Barca is the new leader - read more

  • Africa bet prediction The AL superstrike is a fact Cole did Houston`s job - read more

  • Africa Prediction: A home failure set Valencia away from Champions League - read more

  • Africa Bet Prediction: Champions League battles continue - read more

  • Football tipsters They delayed the start of the unpaid Bolton case - read more

  • Football tipsters Liverpool continued without a mistake at Molineux - read more

  • Football pick The finalist Nadal: `It`s great because I recently had to drop a game at Brisbane!` - read more

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Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah

Striker - biggest star of Egypt and Africa, footballer from Liverpool.

Sadio Mane

Sadio Mane

Forward - fast football player from Liverpool. Great skills and amazing goals.

Kalidou Koulibaly

Kalidou Koulibaly

Defender - one of world top defensive players of Napoli - awesome tackling skills.