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  • Football predictions Lando Norris: There is no reason not to continue McLaren`s streak of good results in Monaco - read more

  • Football prediction Khvicha after 5:1 with Juventus: What a magical night! - read more

  • Football prediction Formula 1 team lineups for the 2025 season: 8 out of 20 drivers are known - read more

  • Football prediction Ancelotti on 2-0 at Valladolid: Real had to win to end a memorable year well - read more

  • Football tip Darwin Ham on Lakers losses: You`ll never be a good sailor in calm waters - read more

  • Football prediction Mika Hakkinen on Ricciardo`s return: Daniel is 33 years old, time is on his side. Just need to get motivated - read more

  • Football prediction Rob Pelinka on Hachimura`s acquisition: Opportunities like this don`t come along very often - read more

  • Football tip Malkin`s father about his son`s 1200 points: He won`t stop there. This is a normal number for him, but he wants more - read more

  • Football prediction Golovin about 3:1 with PSG: It`s nice to score against such an eminent club. Victory in cause - read more

  • Football tipster Wright scored a double and became the 1st star of the AHL match with the Wranglers. He has 3 goals in 2 league games - read more

  • Football predictions NBA GM: Anunoby will be the best available player before the deadline - read more

  • Football picks Tottenham offered Sporting one player and money for Porro. The Lisboners refused - they want 45 million euros - read more

  • Football prediction Pavel Bure: Odzhik is a unique player who was loved by everyone. A true friend, did not spare himself for the sake of his partners, helped them - read more

  • Football prediction Borussia wants 100+40 million euros for Bellingham. Real Madrid are favorites to win him - read more

  • Football tipsters Tursunov on criticism of coach Rybakina: You publicly insulted the person who is responsible for the fact that you even know who Elena Rybakina is - read more

  • Football prediction Fritz on bringing the United States victory in the United Cup: It was great until Tiafu flew his head into my face at full speed - read more

  • Football prediction Inter wants to loan Lukaku for next season for €4 million, provided he is in good physical shape - read more

  • Football tip Zion Williamson cleared for full training, could return in a week - read more

  • Football prediction Valuev on the IOC`s call against the Friendship Games: They want to nip this initiative in the bud. They won`t succeed - read more

  • Football picks Merson on Kane: If Manchester United ever want to catch City, they must get Harry. Tottenham is holding on only thanks to him - read more

  • Football picks Mudrik undergoes a medical for Chelsea. Potter`s call convinced winger to agree to transfer even though he wanted Arsenal - read more

  • Football predictions Kahn on Juventus investigation: Bayern are annoyed that we have been doing solid work for years, while other clubs report losses of 50-150 million euros - read more

  • Football predictions Novak Djokovic: When other players are injured, they are victims, and when I am, I feign. I don`t think I need to prove anything to anyone - read more

  • Football predictions Lewandowski helps Gavi in Barcelona. Robert gives him nutritional advice and helps him learn English - read more

  • Football tipster Dwight Howard scores 38+25+9 on debut in Taiwan - read more

  • Football predictions Man City are unlikely to look for a replacement for Cancela. The defender is already in Munich - at the medical examination for Bayern - read more

  • Football prediction Lionel Messi: Before the World Cup, we knew that Argentina was a contender for victory. I enjoy every moment - with experience and age you look at everything differently - read more

  • Football predictions The coach who worked with him for 18 years left the Nadal team - read more

  • Football tip Midfielder CSKA Bistrovich moved to the Dutch Fortuna on loan. He played for Lecce - read more

  • Football prediction Holger Rune: I am very calm and relaxed - even a little lazy. Sometimes it`s useful because it`s impossible to control everything. - read more

  • Football tips Marseille for 20 million euros sold Gerson Flamengo - read more

  • Football predictions Gavi on 1st trophy with Barça: Wanted it since debut. Happy. We dominated Real Madrid - read more

  • Football tip Ja Morant: Looked up to Derrick Rose early in his career - read more

  • Football tipsters Ballack on Germany`s relegation: You won`t get far with this kind of football. Less talented teams give us problems - read more

  • Football prediction Steph Curry hits the longest 3-pointers in the NBA - read more

  • Football picks Kelly Ubre and Terence Mann received a mutual technical for a skirmish - read more

  • Football tips A six-game trip could be a key factor for the Lakers in their trade decision. - read more

  • Football prediction Lewandowski on World Cup conversation with Messi: We were joking, I said I played more defensively than usual to help Poland - read more

  • Football tips Messi is the top contender for the Goal Ballon d`Or. Alvarez entered the top 10 - read more

  • Football prediction Lakers could keep Westbrook if he continues to come off the bench efficiently - read more

  • Football prediction For the first time since 1990, there will be no European team in the Davis Cup final - read more

  • Football prediction Expert: Wade`s three titles serve as Harden`s benchmark for NBA history`s best defensemen - read more

  • Football tip Tite: Neymar is the leader of the Brazilian national team. He enhances everyone else`s game - read more

  • Football prediction The head of La Liga Tebas wants the return of Messi and Ronaldo: I want Cristiano to say goodbye - read more

  • Football tipsters Jack Hughes, Kairu and Pulok are the stars of the day in the NHL - read more

  • Football tipster Lamar Odom: Drugs were my mistress - read more

  • Football prediction Messi can extend the contract with PSG with success in the Champions League. Leo enjoys working with Galtier - read more

  • Football prediction There are several awards in men`s football, while women have only one. I felt that I was not appreciated. Arsenal striker Midem on the Ballon d`Or ceremony - read more

  • Football predictions Zadorov about the match with Seattle: In the decisive moments we made individual mistakes, it cost us the game - read more

  • Football predictions Pistons, Magic and Spurs interested in Grant Williams - read more

  • Football prediction Aymeric Laporte: I`m not a football fan, I don`t watch matches. Playing for City, I don`t even know what time the starting whistle is - read more

  • Football prediction Stoichkov on World Cup 2022:The level of football is low. 800 passes - and not a single shot on goal. What are we playing? - read more

  • Football prediction Tarasenko on the failures of St. Louis: I see no reason to talk about the reasons. You can`t play like that. We have to make things right - read more

  • Football tip Bogdan Bogdanovich is far from returning to duty - read more

  • Football picks The whole team loses. Tom Thibodeau has no plans to change Knicks starting five yet - read more

  • Football prediction Zibanejad on 2-3 with Ottawa: I`m disappointed. Shesterkin gave us a chance to win - read more

  • Football prediction Glazers intend to poach potential buyers of Liverpool. They see Manchester United as a better asset - read more

  • Football predictions Lewandowski on 2022 World Cup favorites: Brazil and Argentina. Luck is needed for the World Cup - read more

  • Football tipsters Rashford is coming into the 2022 World Cup in the best shape imaginable. Dublin on Marcus - read more

  • Football prediction Fedun about the 2nd place of Spartak: If we had the Champions League, it would be just fine. And without European Cups, everything that is not first place is not very - read more

  • Football prediction Toronto have lost 4 matches in a row and are 13th in the East table. The team has 4 wins in 10 games - read more

  • Football prediction George Russell on beating Hamilton: 9 times out of 10 you become a champion - read more

  • Football tips New Jersey won 9 games in a row for the 5th time in its history - read more

  • Football tipster Pierre Kalulu: Milan must do everything to win the Champions League - read more

  • Football prediction Piqué is sent off at half-time against Osasuna for arguing with the referee. This is the last game of Gerard`s career, he was on the bench - read more

  • Football picks Kyrie Irving deleted tweet referring to anti-Semitic film - read more

  • Football tipsters Kendrick Perkins: Nets can now focus on basketball - read more

  • Football picks Tursunov about Shventek: She reminds me a little of Daniil Medvedev - read more

  • Football predictions Duchene scored his 700th NHL point. He is the 2nd player since the 2009 draft with this achievement. - read more

  • Football prediction Mikel Arteta: Barcelona are on the right track with a phenomenal coach who has transformed the club. I am very happy at Arsenal - read more

  • Football prediction Atletico did not sell Felix to Bayern for 100 million euros after Lewandowski left. Joao has 54 minutes in his last 9 matches - read more

  • Football predictions Haas to announce Hulkenberg contract on Nov. 10 (Ziggo Sport) - read more

  • Football prediction Sarri on 1:3 with Salernitana: I`ll be suspended for six months if I say everything I think about refereeing. For 50 years in football, I have not seen a card given for this - read more

  • Football tip Bol Bol scored 23 points on 10-of-11 shooting from the field against the Kings - read more

  • Football prediction Toto Wolff: Violation of the financial regulations in F-1 leads to reputational damage - read more

  • Football predictions Fischer on the match at the arena of the student team: We play hockey, the fans cheer for us. That`s all we care about - read more

  • Football picks Cristiano showed that he only spoke on the field - read more

  • Football prediction Guardiola: I hope they finally explain to us when there is a penalty for playing with the hand and when - no - read more

  • Football tipster Coric and Fucovic formed the other semifinal in Rotterdam - read more

  • Football predictions Pep Guardiola: The strongest team in Europe is Bayern, and in England - Liverpool - read more

  • Football tipster Iniesta: Pedri doesn`t look 18, he has a great future ahead of him in Barcelona - read more

  • Football tipster Pioli: We are happy to be the surprise of the championship - read more

  • Football prediction Mbappe to Alba: I will kill you on the street - read more

  • Football picks Koeman: The match with PSG comes at the right time - read more

  • Football tipster Rudy Garcia accused Koeman of hypocrisy - read more

  • Football prediction Everton made a dramatic point in an Old Trafford goal show - read more

  • Football tipster Solskjaer considers Southampton`s second red card to be excessive - read more

  • Football picks Klopp: We will try to get a new defender, but I don`t know if we will succeed - read more

  • Football prediction Leeds continued Newcastle`s agony - read more

  • Football predictions Valencia stayed close to the relegation - read more

  • Football prediction The President of Marseille to the players: You played like rubbish - read more

  • Football tip Solskjaer: VAR breathed life into us - read more

  • Football prediction Benzema is now more valuable to Zidane than Cristiano - read more

  • Football tip Durant is having fun with the Celtics - read more

  • Football tip After 552 days: Kevin Durant is back in the game - read more

  • Football predictions Federer has revealed one of his big goals in 2021 - read more

  • Football predictions The first goals brought the first victory for Marseille - read more

  • Football tipsters Conte: Nothing is easy at Inter - read more

  • Football prediction Lillard passed Abdul-Jabar and joined Wilt, Jordan, and Kobe - read more

  • Football picks Spartak (M) is interested in getting a Portuguese from Leicester - read more

  • Football prediction The London derby will determine the last participant in the Premier League - read more

  • Football picks Werner has revealed the reason for his transfer to Chelsea - read more

  • Football prediction Lecce sent Brescia to Serie B - read more

  • Football tip Milwaukee coach: Giannis deserves an MVP! - read more

  • Football tip Real Madrid will not make big transfers, Perez is adamant - read more

  • Football tipsters Pogba: Manchester United is already a real team! - read more

  • Football prediction Pjanić: We need to play better! - read more

  • Football predictions Valverde: The purpose of VAR is to help, but the judge makes the decisions - read more

  • Football predictions The president of Barcelona has officially filed a complaint with the judge - read more

  • Football tipster Pep lists five teams that City cannot compete with at the moment, including United among them - read more

  • Football prediction Carolyn Wozniacki is ending her career after the Australian Open - read more

  • Football tipsters Betis pulled out his weapons and seized Palma - read more

  • Football prediction Solskjaer: We can rent one or two in January - read more

  • Football predictions Historic Italy ended with a record and a head show - read more

  • Football prediction Robertson and Salah with problems after the derby - read more

  • Football predictions Michael O `Neal takes on Stoke but will continue to lead Northern Ireland until the end of qualifying - read more

  • Football prediction A late goal brought Schalke 04 back into the big game - read more

  • Football tips Mueller saves Bayern`s big blade for the German Cup - read more

  • Football prediction Africa The remorse has progressively depreciated Neymar - read more

  • Africa Football prediction Real Madrid on its knees in Palma, Barca is the new leader - read more

  • Africa bet prediction The AL superstrike is a fact Cole did Houston`s job - read more

  • Africa Prediction: A home failure set Valencia away from Champions League - read more

  • Africa Bet Prediction: Champions League battles continue - read more

  • Football tipsters They delayed the start of the unpaid Bolton case - read more

  • Football tipsters Liverpool continued without a mistake at Molineux - read more

  • Football pick The finalist Nadal: `It`s great because I recently had to drop a game at Brisbane!` - read more

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