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They have completed all matches advised by tchad fixtures and standings of the second round of the Champions League Group A to D matches. There have been no sensational unleashes tonight, with the favorites taking their toll. In the most highly anticipated match, Napoli managed to deceive Liverpool 1-0 with a late goal by Lorenzo Insinia.

In the other duel of Group C Paris Saint-Germain crucified Red Star 6-1 in Paris. The situation in this stream is extremely entangled, with Napoli being the leader with 4 points, PSG and Liverpool having 3 each and Star having 1.

Barcelona and Inter have made major strides to the next phase, having achieved second victories. Barca beat Tottenham as a guest with a 4-2. So did Inter, who made the return visit to Eindhoven PSV. Atletico Madrid and Borussia Dortmund also have 6 points at the top of Group A, which have won 3-1 at Bruges and 3-0 at Monaco respectively. Also interesting was Group D, where Porto topped the 4-point standings after a 1-0 success over Galatasaray. Schalke 04 came out second after a 1-0 away win over Lokomotiv Moscow. The Germans and the Turkish team have 3 points each, while the railways are out of assets. The third round match will be played on October 24.

group `A`

Borussia Dortmund - Monaco 3:0

1:0-Larsen 52

2:0-Alcazar 72

3:0-Royce 90

Atletico Madrid - Bruges 2:1

1:0-Griezmann 28

1:1-Groneveld 39

2:1-Griezmann 67

group `B`

PSV Eindhoven - Inter 1:2

1:0-Rosario 27

1:1-Naingolan 44

1:2-Icardi 60

Tottenham - Barcelona 2:4

0:1-Coutinho 2

0:2-Rakitic 27

1:2-Kane 52

1:3-Messi 56

2:3-Lamela 66

2:4-Messi 89

group `C`

Napoli - Liverpool 1:0

1:0-Insinia 89

Paris Saint-Germain - Red Star 6:1

1:0 Neymar (20 `)

2:0 Neymar (22 `)

3:0 Cavani (37 `)

4:0 Di Maria (41 `)

5:0 Mbappe (70 `)

5:1 Marin (74 `)

6:1 Neymar (81 `)

group `D`

Lokomotiv (Moscow) - Schalke 04 0:1

0:1 McKenna (88 `)

Porto - Galatasaray 1:0

1:0-Marega 49

Blog of Africa Bet prediction

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Kalidou Koulibaly

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